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Peaceful nights and well rested days

You've been too tired for too long, and you don't have to be

I integrate sleep science with your unique parenting style, and provide daily support along the way, so you can finally regain the calm and control around your child's bedtime

I help parents of babies and toddlers get the healthy sleep they need.


I’m Emma, your certified child sleep consultant and coach.  I’m also a wife, mother of two, and a licensed physical therapist. 

I’ve always been passionate about sleep, and more so when I became a mom.  Everyone deserves the sweet rest and recovery that sleep provides, especially tired parents and our little ones with their busy developing brains. 

When my daughter was born, I put a lot of energy into setting up a healthy sleep foundation and found that it really paid off.  I wanted to help other tired parents get the same results but quickly realized that everyone has different parenting styles and unique families, and what worked for me and my daughter would not necessarily work for anyone else.  That’s when I decided to learn more and became a student with the Family Sleep Institute, an educational leader in the field of child sleep consulting.  During my time with FSI, I learned about the various evidence-based sleep training strategies for different parenting styles, the role of sleep science in helping our children sleep well, and of course, safe sleep guidelines. 

I am excited to say that I have the tools to help your family get the sleep you deserve, and to set your child up for a lifetime of healthy sleep.  Please contact me so we can talk more about how I can help your baby or child become your healthy dreamer.

My Services

 Because you're tired of being tired.  

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The Sleep Success Package

For children 4 months through 5 years


  • 60-minute virtual consultation

  • Customized sleep plan

  • Digital sleep log

  • 2 weeks of daily email support

  • Customized “looking ahead” resource guide for maintaining healthy sleep habits long term

The best option for parents who are ready to reach their sleep goals with daily support along the way


Expert Sleep Advice

For children 4 months through 5 years


  • 60-minute virtual consultation

A great option for parents who are comfortable implementing a comprehensive plan, following through, and staying consistent without follow up support


Newborn Consultation

For babies 0-4 months or expecting parents


  • 60-minute virtual consultation regarding realistic newborn sleep expectations, safe sleep guidelines, and how to facilitate a healthy sleep foundation from the ground up

  • Newborn Sleep Resource GuideMakes a great baby shower gift!

Makes a great baby shower gift!



“Emma helped us to train our third son (first two we trained ourselves, the third one was tough). She helped to build a customized plan according to our goals and preferences. And the most important thing was that she "held my hand" through the process while I was struggling and was very close to "quitting". She helped to be consistent, accountable and provided advice in moments of doubt.

As sleep-deprived parents of three young children, we didn't have the physical or moral strength to do sleep training on our own. But I also could keep on waking up every hour to two.  It was not a miracle. It took a long time. But he sleeps through the night and takes his two napes without fighting. It is the result exclusively of sleep training and Emma's support to stay consistent.”

Julia K, Mom of a 6 month old

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should hire a child sleep consultant?

Parents who are tired of being tired. Early risings and night wakings are NOT non-negotiable parts of parenting.  Endless rocking, bouncing or toddler curtain calls are not fun for anyone.  Your baby or child just wants to sleep better too!  Do you struggle with nap time, or need guidance on navigating sleep transitions and milestones?  I can help, and I can make reaching your sleep goals as easy as possible on the whole family.

Why should I hire you?

I have the knowledge and skills to help you improve your child’s ability to sleep well, which will benefit the health and wellness of your entire family.  You can find an endless supply of free sleep training tips and tricks wherever you look, but advice can often seem contradictory and confusing, which makes implementing any plan consistently extremely difficult.  Tell me about your situation, your child, and your goals, and I will listen without judgement, and create an age appropriate customized sleep plan that you understand and are comfortable with.  Better yet, I’ll support you while you implement the plan to maximize sleep success.

Are you going to just tell me to cry it out?

The best part of my sleep success package is that the sleep plan I create for you is customized to your family, using an approach that you’re comfortable with.  Allowing children unlimited time and space to learn a new skill is one approach, but there are also other methods that allow for more parental involvement, and are equally effective.  Regardless of the method that a parent chooses, it is the consistency in which the method is implemented that is the biggest factor in how smoothly, quickly, and successfully the process goes.  While the sleep training method is a key piece in improving your child’s sleep, there are other factors, such as your child’s sleep environment, schedule, and routines, that may need adjusting to help ensure that any method you use is successful.

How long will this take to work?

You will be amazed at how quickly this process can be if the plan is implemented confidently and consistently. Night sleep typically comes together within one week, while day sleep can take several more weeks.  It’s important to note that all children are unique and bring their own personalities to the table, and other factors such as age, and chosen sleep training method will play a role in how long the process takes as well. The Sleep Success Package includes 2 weeks of follow up support while your customized plan is implemented.  This is typically enough time to get you well on your way to full sleep success if not entirely there.

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is a biological need with numerous health benefits.  Sleep plays a significant role in strengthening the immune system, regulating body weight, and tissue healing.  It also aids in memory consolidation, problem solving, and regulates mood and emotion.  The most obvious benefit of a well rested child is that they are just more pleasant to be around, and well rested parents can find more joy in watching them learn and grow.

How will this work?

Start by scheduling a discovery call by clicking on any of the pink buttons on my website.  I will give you a call at your chosen time so we can briefly discuss your situation and determine how I can help you best.  If you're hoping to move forward with my consultation or coaching services, we will schedule the consultation and I will send along an intake form for you to get started as well as an invoice for collecting payment.

Are you ready to get your family sleeping again?