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I'm Emma.  I love working one on one with families who are ready to prioritize sleep for their children.  We all feel better when we sleep well, and all children are capable of healthy sleep.   Many children just need more support to lean into the sleep their growing bodies and brains need to thrive.


I'm excited to talk more about how I can support you in teaching healthy sleep to your baby, toddler, or preschooler in a way that is safe, effective, evidence based, and matches your parenting style.

Happy sleeping!

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My Story

I’ve always been interested in the relationship between sleep and health, and more so when I became a mom.  Everyone deserves the sweet rest, recovery, and optimal brain function that sleep provides, especially parents and their growing children! 


When my daughter was born, I put a lot of energy into setting up a healthy sleep foundation and found that it really paid off.  I wanted to help other tired parents get the same results but quickly realized that everyone has different parenting styles and unique families, and what worked for me and my daughter would not necessarily work for anyone else. 


That’s when I decided to learn more and became a student with the Family Sleep Institute, an educational leader in the field of child sleep consulting.  During my time with FSI, I learned about the various evidence-based sleep training strategies for different parenting styles, the role of sleep science in helping our children sleep well, and of course, safe sleep guidelines. 

Since graduating from FSI, I have helped so many families teach their children healthy sleep habits, and I am so grateful for every family that trusts me on their sleep journey.


I have the tools to help your family get the sleep you deserve, and to set your child up for a lifetime of healthy sleep.  If you are ready to prioritize healthy sleep, I am so excited to connect and get your family sleeping again.

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